The “Erasmus plus” meeting I took part in was an amazing experience. We spent 4 days in a very exotic place, Melilla, a Spanish autonomous city which is located on the northern coast of Africa, on the border of Morocco. It is the most multicultural area I have ever visited and people of different religions get on very well, without any kind of discrimination. We were a group of about 50 people, 30 of them were teen-agers like me.

After overcoming the natural embarassement of the first day, we became a very united group, and we enjoyed every activities we were involved in.

Before talking about my favourite activity I would like to say something about my host-family. I just felt extremely comfortable at the very moment I met them: being Italian, I found a lot of similarities with my family. We share a lot of traditions even though some of them are very different. Paula, my host-friend was so easy-going and friendly, we got on very well and had a lot of fun togheter. I will never get tired of thanking them for their commitment to the project and their extreme attention to my needs.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed the sailing activity: we sailed a veil boat! It was something I had never done in my life and I was surprised by the difficulty of sailing. It was sunny and we spent a wonderful day on the beach, chatting and laughing.

I am very grateful for the chance I had of visiting this place, beacuse I have fully understood that living in a multicultural society can just enlarge our culture and broaden our horizons.

Federico Raffaele  5C

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